Welcome to CBT Plus

Dr Veronika Isler - Psychological Services

CBT Plus provides psychological assessment and evidence based treatment for individuals experiencing a wide range of mental health issues on an individual and group basis. CBT Plus also provides training and education to community groups, schools and other organisations. We are working together with other providers to deliver services that are affordable and accessible for everyone. CBT Plus is grounded in cognitive-behavioural approach, with inclusion of other treatment modalities, depending on individual needs. The future direction of the practice also involves increased emphasis on the new field of Positive Psychology, with integration of the existing Mindfulness approaches. The longstanding interest in brain plasticity and the role of body processes in general will be part of the holistic approach.

CBT Plus has taken the well developed, empirically validated and researched approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to the next level by integrating the recent scientific developments and findings regarding the importance of physiological process on thoughts, emotions and behaviors. This means that relaxation, mindfulness, or activation are recognised as important parts of any psychological intervention.

Whether the aim is to de-stress the workplace, to increase efficiency, to cope with adversity or trauma, to provide insight into relationships, or simply to aim towards a more balanced lifestyle – psychological knowledge and insight will always be increasingly helpful. We are convinced that psychology can provide the necessary and useful tools and skills to be applied in a variety of challenging life situations.


Don’t hesitate to make contact, and enquiries are welcome. The first step towards self help is the hardest, but also the most important.

Ph: 07 823 8190; 021 457 944; veronika@isler.co.nz