Dr Veronika Isler


PhD / PGDip.(Clin) Psychology / Registered Clinical Psychologist
Fluent in English, German and Swiss German.


Veronika Isler is a registered clinical psychologist, PhD. I Provide assessment, counselling and evidence based treatment for a wide range of mental health issues. I am grounded in the cognitive behavioral approach (CBT) which has recently been extended to include the important dimension of physical processes, and the newest findings regarding brain functioning and its influences on emotions and behaviors. The inclusion of other treatment modalities, depending on individual needs is part of the ongoing adaptation to new findings and research. The experience I gained in the public mental health system is translated into the private practice work for difficult and complex mental health issues.

It is very satisfying to support clients, in order to empower themselves and become independent and self-relient. Collaboration and emphasis on the current situation are key features of this approach. There is a whole range of psychological issues that can be addressed successfully by CBT. My experience of immigration (from Switzerland 25 years ago) is helpful for rapport building and understanding when working with a multicultural client group. My past business experience has been very helpful for my work with corporate clients (within EAP programmes or for workshops). Overall, CBT allows me to integrate my past experiences and knowledge with the specific psychological training, in order to achieve a holistic and a tailor-made approach for therapy, supervision and teaching and/or presenting.

As a matter of course I will provide high quality and experienced psychological support and intervention for individuals with anxiety, depression, trauma related issues and other mental health concerns; specialities include work with families and adolescents, support and training under EAP programmes, qualified supervision and various contracts (Govt, ACC, NGO)

Psychologist Professional Memberships
New Zealand Psychologist Board
New Zealand Psychological Society
New Zealand Institute of Clinical Psychologists
New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists
New Zealand Pain Society
New Zealand Society of Hypnosis

ACC registered to provide services under psychological contracts for assessments, sexual abuse assessment and treatment, counselling and pain management.