A cure for the common cold?

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  One more benefit for meditation and exercise: we don’t catch the cold as often and don’t suffer through it as long. Bruce Barrett, MD, PhD, July/August issue of the Annals of Family Medicine. “Evidence suggests that mindfulness meditation can reduce experienced stress and negative emotions and that regular exercise may protect people from respiratory […]

Mass hysteria

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  Interesting hypothesis reported in Medscape Neurology A.N. Wilner, MD, 07/11/2012 that mass hysteria might be related to mirror neuron activity. Unable to stop copying someone? Even harder when in a group? It sounds plausible.

Findings how Hitchcock’s birds went berserk…

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Scientists have discovered retrospectively that Hitchcock was not dreaming up his movie after all – the content of the bird’s stomach revealed that they ate toxic algae and really went ‘crazy’! Their brain wiring got disrupted and thus they started attacking people… Something that happens to people on drugs…? Interesting thoughts to ponder…

Response to Listener article “How positive thinking is fooling us” by Jane Clifton

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Listener, March 20-26: article “How positive thinking is fooling us” by Jane Clifton. It can be imagined that Jane Clifton felt a great sense of achievement after publishing her article ‘Down with positivity!’. Journalists are supposed to create debate – and her opinion piece will undoubtedly achieve this goal. However, there is also the question […]

Caring till it hurts

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A recent article in ‘Your Weekend’ (March 13, 2010) explored the topic of ‘compassion fatigue’. Doctors, nurses, counselors, helpers and volunteers – everyone is at risk, if they don’t make the time for self-care. Anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability and physical aches and pains can be an alarm signal. “When you are constantly giving out to someone […]

Empathy overkill…

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If you can’t watch horror films without ‘feeling the pain’ then you might have ‘extreme empathy’. The mirror neurons in the brain are responsible: they fire when we perform an action and when we see someone else perform the action. The brain can mirror the physical and the emotional aspects of other’s pain. As always, […]

3 Simple Ways to Build Consistency

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…Because Consistency is the Key to Success! (By Dean Anderson, Fitness & Behavior Expert, modified by cbtPsychology April 2010) You don’t have to be an expert to figure out that consistency is pretty essential to successfully change your life, your health, your weight and unhelpful behaviours. But it’s also pretty clear that building a consistent […]

Brief Cognitive Therapy After a Major Depressive Episode Can Have Enduring Benefits

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Brief Cognitive Therapy After a Major Depressive Episode Can Have Enduring Benefits. For patients who have recovered from an episode of major depression but are at high risk for recurrence, attending a brief course of group cognitive therapy sessions soon after remission can prevent recurrence for 5 years or more, new research shows. The preventive […]