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Positive Psychology

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NZ Association of Positive Psychology – Conference Sept 2011 This was an excellent day with great, varied and competent speakers. 2011 was the first NZ conference and the main philosophy of Positive Psychology was present throughout the day. The content of the presentations, the approach of the speakers, and the attitude of the delegates… it […]

Want to join laughter Yoga?

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Want to join laughter Yoga? I’ts good for us! Not the intellectual pleasure of cerebral humor, but the physical act of laughing. The muscular exertions involved in producing the familiar ha, ha, trigger an increase in endorphins, the chemicals known for their feel-good effect.

Response to Listener article “How positive thinking is fooling us” by Jane Clifton

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Listener, March 20-26: article “How positive thinking is fooling us” by Jane Clifton. It can be imagined that Jane Clifton felt a great sense of achievement after publishing her article ‘Down with positivity!’. Journalists are supposed to create debate – and her opinion piece will undoubtedly achieve this goal. However, there is also the question […]

Worrying Too Much?

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WORRYING TOO MUCH?  Read this interesting article HERE

ACC Registered Providers

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We are excited to announce that we are now both registered to provide ACC Psychological Services including assessments and treatment. Please email or call to enquire about these services.