My psychological training has grounded me in the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) approach. This means that goals will be developed in collaboration with the client, and progress will be evaluated together. The emphasis is on the current situation, with the aim to develop new skills that will be useful for a lifetime. The areas of my past experience include:

  • Pain management, relaxation and stress-reduction techniques, and recently added mindfulness strategies.
  • Positive Psychology had recently emerged as a very important stream to be integrated into existing psychological treatment approaches. The philosophical basis of shaping and influencing the present is stepping away from dwelling on past events. This means I am teaching Mindfulness as part of the new vision to cope with one’s challenges.
  • I have worked for several years with children, adolescents and their families, thus I can provide support for attachment and behavioural issues, bullying, conflict resolution/mediation and family therapy.
    Some difficulties during adolescence that might require specialist input are anxiety disorders, eating disorders, depression, borderline traits, and issues around life-stage transitions.
  • My work with adult and older clients is aimed at increasing self-esteem, assertiveness and fostering personal growth. These are addressed in parallel to more severe difficulties such as trauma, post-traumatic stress, grief and loss, victim support, anxiety and depression.
  • In my work for corporate clients I provide support to employees under EAP programmes. This includes career and advice planning, goal-setting, communication skills, stress-management, health-promotion and conflict resolution and mediation.
  • Physiology and the importance of understanding one’s brain processes has ¬†given us another tool to understand behaviors, thinking processes and emotions. Therefore I am constantly adding to my knowledge in the fields of bio-feedback, brain plasticity, or epi-genetics, with the ultimate goal of achieving a holistic understanding of one’s own functioning and how to shape and change for a more fulfilling future.
  • I am also contracted to provide services for ACC. I mainly provide psychological services, pain management and support sensitive claims clients. I also conduct expert assessments with advice on treatment provision
  • I am also available for clinical assessments/reports/psychometric evaluations and for ongoing supervision of staff in the mental health area.

As a registered Clinical Psychologist and member of the NZ Psychological Society and Clinical Institute, I am bound by their Code of Ethics for my practice.
This means that I practice within the principles of ‘Best Practice’ and of my professional training, by consulting literature, keeping up to date with new research findings, continually furthering my professional development, and seeking supervision.

Once you have entered the therapeutic relationship I am bound to strict confidentiality, (all my notes are securely stored). There are two exceptions to this principle of confidentiality: One is my obligation to seek regular supervision for my work, the other exception is related to safety.
Sometimes it might be beneficial to involve other people from your life in therapy – this will always be discussed first and I will request your consent.

Sessions are usually of 60 minutes duration. Each session is priced according to the standard psychologist rate at $185.00 + GST. The frequency of sessions and duration of treatment is discussed with each client individually. On average, there will be one session per week or fortnight and progress will be regularly evaluated throughout the program. If there are issues to be discussed, clients are also encouraged to leave a message on the answer phone, to text, or to email and I will respond accordingly.
I will do my best to provide the best possible and professionally appropriate support and treatment, based on the information that you have provided. Difficult times during treatment are to be expected and are often part of the process of recovery.

I would like to commend you on this first step taken towards recovery and I look forward to your enquiry.