Useful Links

We are aware that we can provide the best support only when we are part of a wider network. Thus, we would like to encourage you to access a variety of sources for information, and to become as knowledgeable as possible regarding your own personal issues.

Below we have listed a few useful links to help you consolidate and expand your skills. We are unable to screen all the content and therefore we encourage you to read with a critical mind and to ask questions if you feel unsure, confused or are not in agreement with certain statements. We are available for this dialogue and might respond on this email to the most frequently asked questions.
Webhealth has been specifically developed to provide another avenue of access for people to connect with Health and Social Services and relevant information in the Waikato and elsewhere around the country. The aim is to provide the most up to date information to assist in keeping our community connected.
Auckland University student website to assist in “Learning For The Mind”.
PsychCentral: One of the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health network created and run by mental health professionals to provide information and self-help support communities, for over 13 years.
Mayo Clinic provides information and services from the world’s first and largest integrated, not-for-profit group medical practice. Manage your health with information and tools that reflect the expertise of Mayo’s 3,400 physicians and scientists, learn how to access medical services, and discover Mayo’s medical research and education offerings.
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand’s work focuses on making mental health everybody’s business. What we do is diverse and expansive, with campaigns and services that cover all aspects of mental health and well-being. We take a holistic approach to mental health, promoting what we know makes and keeps people mentally well. We provide free information and training, and advocate for policies and services that support people with experience of mental illness, and also their families/whanau and friends.
The Ministry of Health aims to ensure that the health and disability support system works for all New Zealanders. As principal advisor to the government on health and disability policy, we lead and support the sector to achieve better health for New Zealanders, and reduce inequalities. Minister of Health has overall responsibility for the health and disability system.

For Professionals:
The New Zealand Psychological Society is the premier professional association for psychologists in New Zealand with a history dating back to 1947. Established as a stand-alone incorporated society in 1967, the NZPsS has over 900 Full Members plus 180 student members & subscribers. Through its national office in Wellington, the Society provides representation, services and support for members around New Zealand, and some overseas.
The New Zealand College of Clinical Psychology aims to meet goals in several primary areas of concern including Identification of Clinical Psychologists, Education, and Representation.
The New Zealand Pain Society is an organization representing a wide range of disciplines interested in the management and understanding of pain.